Idaho Divorce Laws

If your goal is to end your marriage as quickly as possible, there are a few things you should consider before applying for divorce in Idaho. First and foremost, you must follow certain legal rules for divorcing couples in order to ensure that everything is done without any mistakes.

According to the existing divorce laws in Idaho, you must make sure that you fulfill the residency demands. They may differ from one region to another. In Idaho, at least one partner must reside within the state borders for six weeks or more before they can file for divorce.

Details about Idaho divorce laws on adultery

As mentioned earlier, this state accepts various grounds for divorce and the infidelity of either spouse is one of them. If you manage to prove it to the court, you’ll be eligible to get divorced based on this reason. Idaho divorce law states that the act of adultery may affect such issues as the division of debts and valuables between the spouses and other aspects. This may eventually translate into extra costs. Note that divorce can be filed if adultery has occurred within a period of two years before the claim is provided to the judge.

Key facts about the Idaho divorce process

The divorce process involves various aspects, and if it’s an uncontested breakup, you’ll have to come to an agreement with your spouse on all divorce-related issues. Otherwise, the process will take much longer.

The online divorce process in Idaho presupposes that you will resolve all issues related to:

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  • The distribution of possessions, debts or assets
  • Childcare, visitation procedures and financial support granted to children
  • Alimony and everything related to spousal assistance.

Divorce laws for Idaho require couples to follow each stage of the breakup correctly and on time. If there are any mistakes throughout the process, your case could be dismissed or at the very least delayed.

Idaho grounds for divorce

The exact reasons for the case may be either no-fault or fault-related ones. No-fault reasons include the “unavoidable differences” between the spouses that prevent them from living together and maintaining the relationship. As for fault-based reasons, they presuppose that you are accusing your partner of some kind of misdeed. According to the Idaho State divorce laws, such reasons may include:

  • The infidelity of either partner
  • Cruel and violent treatment
  • Abandonment for at least a year at one’s own will
  • Neglect
  • Addiction to alcohol or narcotic substances for a year or more
  • Untreatable insanity
  • Conviction of criminal activity.

Moreover, the local regulations allow couples to divorce if they have lived apart for 5 years or more.

As for the steps to getting a divorce in Idaho, they include:

  • Checking which type of breakup is applicable to your situation – contested or uncontested.
  • Preparing the necessary papers (if you are divorcing online, you can get all the paperwork done through our service).
  • Providing the petition and other papers to the courthouse and paying the filing fees.
  • Serving the copies of the papers to your spouse.
  • Resolving the conflicts related to the case.

After everything is done, you just need to wait until the court approves your case and you’ll be all set to move on with your life.

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