Generally, online divorce companies offer their services at a flat fee. For example, OnlineDivorcer offers a complete packet of court-approved forms for only $139, no matter if you have children or not.

Considering that the average hourly fee lawyers charge across the US is $300, uncontested divorce with a lawyer can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. Meanwhile, an online divorce cost is considerably lower. Even with the court fees, you will spend way less than you would with an attorney.

An online service can prepare a full package of divorce papers required for you to file, fill them out, and upload them for you to access. You will only need to print and sign the paperwork before giving it to the court clerk to start your divorce. Moreover, our service will also provide you with an elaborate filing guide to help you with the next steps.

For a flat fee of $139, you can file your divorce without an attorney and save thousands of dollars. The main condition to fulfill in order to access this kind of marriage dissolution option is to reach a full agreement with your spouse on matters concerning children and finances. So, if you aim to bring the divorce price down, an online service is a perfect alternative to dealing with the marriage dissolution on your own.