Filing for divorce in New Hampshire, you need to accurately determine the county where you can bring your marriage dissolution case to. Usually, it would be necessary to choose one where either you or your spouse resided for a certain period required by the state. If you have a choice between two courthouses, you might want to consider one with a lower caseload or a simpler marriage dissolution process if there is any significant difference.

After choosing your county from the list, you will be able to review samples of legal forms and locations of divorce courts in New Hampshire. If you have underage kids, be sure to check the section with information on child support and links to the respective agencies. Note that New Hampshire divorce laws might require you to notarize certain legal forms to make them admissible in court. You will be able to find contact details of notaries available in your area on the page of your county.

While we frequently check court information for updates, the changes in addresses may be sudden. Therefore, we would encourage you to contact or visit the website of the courthouse to confirm its location before going there. Feel free to use the link or the phone number indicated on the page of the chosen county to either review the information on the court website or reach a clerk with your inquiry. Although a clerk may answer basic questions regarding the court process and address, please note that they will not be able to give you any legal advice.